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Who Was Anaiah Walker?

Anaiah Walker was born in Saint Paul, MN.  In April 2004.  She lived in Minnesota with her parents until the age of seven.  Her mother's family relocated to the Southwest area of Phoenix, Arizona in 2012. Her father relocated to San Diego, California.  She was a bright, young girl who aspired to be an EMT or phlebotomist.  Full of light, ambition, and happiness.  She is loved and remembered by many.


When Anaiah's family moved to North Phoenix the neighborhood they resided in was quiet, safe, and peaceful. However, the school Anaiah attended was not culturally blended, and she experienced bullying and students using racial slurs against her.


As a result, Anaiah developed social interaction issues and aggression.  Anaiah and her parents made the decision to have her reside in California with her father.  Where she could have exposure to an environment more inclusive and spend time with her paternal side of the family.  The transition did not go well. 


Anaiah continued to struggle in California. In 2017 Anaiah was returned to Phoenix by her father. Ultimately, placed in the temporary custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety and court-ordered to reside in a group home to complete therapy and counseling.  In April of 2018, Anaiah (age 13) and another young girl age 14, decided to run away from a group home.  The teens subsequently met an unfortunate circumstance.  They were held against their will by two men that had been posing as teen boys on the internet and coming near their school grounds. 


The men forced both girls into sex trafficking, forcing them to sell drugs, and physically and sexually assaulted both girls.  After five days the girls were able to get away to get help at a nearby Circle K Gas Station.  Where they asked a clerk for help.  That clerk contacted authorities.  

After this incident, Anaiah never recovered.  She was afraid for her life.  She didn't want to live in Phoenix anymore and she continue to run away.  Placing herself at risk.  On May 22nd, 2020, Anaiah's body was found.  Badly decomposed, in Buckeye, Arizona.  On Highway I-10 and Watson Road exit.  She was located in the median.  No phone, no shoes, and very few personal artifacts.  The family and her friends seek Justice.  We loved Anaiah and she is truly missed.  Anaiah was running, she wanted a safe haven.  We are here to provide that place of solace for adolescents in similar situations. 

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