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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a Safe-Haven for at-risk youth.  We strive to bring awareness to the dangers of runaways, sex trafficking, substance abuse, internet safety, and security.  

At Anaiah's Place participants will have the ability to receive counseling for induced trauma, therapeutic treatment, and we will provide adolescents with the necessary resources and support they need in order to improve their livelihood, mental, emotional, and physical health. 


Residents and participants will work with Anaiah's Place sex trafficking advocates, social workers, and life coaches; alongside the support of their families.  Anaiah's Place Safe-Haven Home will facilitate education and career path opportunities.  To support future endeavors, advocates and life coaches will work with residents and participants in areas of transitional housing, financial independence,  work development, referrals to parenting classes, and much more. 

Why Did We Start This Mission?

Justice for Anaiah Walker Foundation was established because her family and many other families need justice.  Anaiah's death is unsolved.  We hope to not only bring awareness to situations that caused her death but we want to save lives and make an impact on society.  We want to be the victim's voice! 


(25%)Trafficked children under the age of 18 is estimated at 10.1 million 

(79%) Sexual exploitation is by far the most commonly identified form of human trafficking.

71% of trafficking victims around the world are women and girls, and 29% are men and boys

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